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"The Synth Lord is quite possibly the biggest breath of fresh air to the Synthwave scene since the virtual instrument."

- Cameron Crowe, Rolling Stone

"My feet still hurt from dancing so hard!"

- Angela Merkel, Chancellor - Germany

The newest project from the mind of music producer/musician/composer/international super-model
Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez takes you on a journey of sound that reminds you of the past and why music was just better back in the age when synths ruled the airwaves.

Imagine a person from 1982 is frozen in ice and wakes up today without knowing the sound fonts have changed and decides to make a record with current technology.  This is the essence of SynthLord!

What is old is new and vice-versa!  Let "The Synth As Soul" put some move in your step while you sing along to melodies that require more than a 4 note range to accomplish.  Destroying the norms of modern retro synthwave, SynthLord delivers a sound that will make you want to put on your parachute pants again!

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